Industrial LED Tubelights – Manufacturing

This video illustrates the key component used in our manufacturing process to ensure quality and repeatability.

Watch as Mr.Anandakumar (Director Operations) guides us through our key manufacturing equipment which ensures that our customers get a quality product every time.

Industrial LED Tubelights – Testing

The above video elaborates on the rigorous testing process done on our industrial LED tubelights @ Ready LED

Mr.Anandakumar (Director Operations) talks about the various steps taken to test the product and ensure a quality product is being produced that can withstand the industrial operational conditions.

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CAI Expo – Construction Architecture Interior Expo 2017


Ready LED participated in the 5th edition of the CAI Expo 2017, which opened for visitors at the Chennai Trade Center on the 1st of September 2017. Over 85 companies from construction and design sectors put up stalls and exhibited their products and services.

CAI (Construction Architecture & Interior) 2017 is the ideal opportunity for our organization to access major developers, contractors, and clients procuring work. One can gain access to a competitive construction boom across India! This is a Build & Design Exhibition of ingenious designs and construction facets. CAI brings an amalgamation of exquisitely informative collection of modern technologies and materials in the field of the construction, architecture and interior designing.

Dilip Kumbhat, President, Indian Society of Lighting Engineers and Chief Executive Officer, K-lite Industries, said the expo brought the entire construction industry on a single platform. According to him, it has helped companies penetrate the South Indian market, where there is hardly any platform for all players in the construction industry to get together.

Kumbhat said the industry is growing at the rate of 15-20 per cent. This is in part due to the push from the Centre to boost LEDs in municipalities and corporation and also the increasing environmental awareness of consumers. In case of lighting, the market grew after the introduction of LEDs that are more energy-efficient. The market size of the LED is around ₹20,000 crore. “We want to use the platform to spread awareness,” he said.