Professional PCB Assembly

We provide rapid prototyping and mass production services for SMT printed circuit boards. We specialized in difficult and sophisticated PCB manufacturing.

Our professional team can communicate effectively with customer to fully understand their needs. Our competent and experienced engineering and manufacturing team help customers solve PCB manufacturing problems that could not solve in other EMS. We consistently achieve high quality and fast delivery. Therefore, we have won high trust and good reputation from our customers. Our customers say they can rest assured after handing over PCB production and assembly work to us. That is why many customers introduced new customers to us.

One Stop Full EMS Services

We provide turn-key material services for electronics, mechanics and box-build solutions to our customers. We work together with customer from new product development, prototypes, testing, sample run, NPI, to mass production. For box assembly, customer may choice to do CTO (Configure to Order) and/or BTO (Build to Order). We also support for After market maintenance and logistics Service.


We have very professional circuit board design companies working closely with us to provide customers with high-quality circuit board designs. They provide superior quality and competitive solutions.

PCB Fabrication

No single PCB manufacturer can meet all the requirements of every customers, which is why we have established close partnerships with more than a dozen different types of PCB manufacturers. Our selection is based on the different requirements of customers, such as time urgency, design complexity, size and cost, etc.

We have completed the quality certifications to all these vendors, so that our customers can have the most suitable Choice. We will properly propose the most suitable PCB manufacturing factory to customers。

SMT Assembly – PCB/SMT Manufacturing Process Flow

There are number of steps involved in the PCB assembly process depends upon the nature of the individual project. Below is the brief overview of general SMT manufacturing process:

Lead Free PCB Assembly

We provide advanced lead-free PCB assembly manufacturing (lead-free) and RoHS-compliant circuit board components. We offer options for no-clean or water-cleaned fluxes.

Leaded PCB Assembly

Although most customers use lead-free processes, some customers must use traditional lead processes. Therefore, we still support PCB assembly using lead-based solder processes. We offer options for no-clean or water-cleaned fluxes.

Refer to the Reference Documents at the bottom of this page for the lead-free / RoHS-compliant assembly manufacturing guidelines.

Example of our PCB Assembly Projects

Extremely Small Flex PCB

Placement of 0201-RP’s, PCB no stiffener, the thickness is only 5mm with no fiducial marks

Extremely Large PCB

The PCB dimension 18“x20” and Components count more than 7,000

PCB/SMT Assembly Equipments

  • SMT/SMD placement equipment
  • Screen printer
  • Reflow oven
  • Wave soldering
  • Complete PCB assembly/Flexi, Flexi-rigid PCBs
  • We provide best in class electronic manufacturing services at our facility to bridge customer capacity
  • Prototype assembly/ No Clean Flux
  • Turnkey solutions / Surface mount PCB assembly & Through-hole PCB assy
  • 0402 package placement, fine pitch components
  • Cable assembly / Lead free assembly
  • Support High-Low mix with Low.Med.High Vol Solutions
  • Compliance To ESD sensitivity requirements
  • Compliance to IPC standards
  • Providing a Lead Free processing on electronic assy
  • ISO Quality Standards complied with On Time Delivery
  • Central Location w/24×7 power supply
  • JUKI JX-100 automated Pick & Place Machine. 35000CPH
  • 750mm x 340mm / 6 Zone Reflow oven & Dual wave soldering machine